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Turbo K

REMS Turbo K
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REMS Turbo K – the most powerful in its class! 

Compact, easy to carry, only weighs 48 lbs (22 kg). Has a universal vice with length stop, robust, maintenance-free gear, proven universal motor, 110 V, 5060 Hz, 1200 W. Ideal speed (115 rpm) for fast, smooth sawing, powerful, e.g. 2” steel pipe in only 5 s.


REMS Turbo K. Universal circular metal sawing machine with automatic cooling lubricant unit for straight cuts and bevel cuts up to 45°. Complete with 1 filling of REMS cooling lubricant. Without saw blade.                                                                       
Universal circular saw blade HSS,                                                 Art.-No. 849700
225x2x32, 120 teeth                                                    
Circular saw blade HSS, fine-tooth                                               Art.-No. 849703
225x2x32, 220 teeth                                                    
Circular saw blade HSS-E (cobalt alloyed), fine-tooth             Art.-No. 849706
225x2x32, 220 teeth. Very long service life. 
REMS REG 10-54 E, outer/inner pipe deburrer                           Art.-No. 113835
For pipe Ø 10-54 mm, Ø 1/2"-21/8"                    


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