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REMS E-Push (click image to enlarge)
REMS E-Push Action (click image to enlarge)
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REMS E-Push electric charging and testing! Up to 60 bar!

Electric pressure testing pump, robust, compact, light, weighs only 13 kg (29 lbs), easy to carry, high power piston pump, self-sucking, running in a sealed oil bath with wear reduced pressure piston in stainless steel, proven, powerful condensor motor, 1750 W (2.38 HP), very powerful and fast, high pumping capacity of 7 l/min, pressure and tightness testing up to 60 bar/870 psi, pressure gauge, damped by a filling with glycerine, p 60 bar, 870 psi, high-pressure hose with
fabric ply prevents measurement errors, suction hose with suction filter.
REMS E-Push. Electric pressure testing pump for pressure and tightness tests of piping systems and receptacles up to 60 bar/870 psi. Pump unit with capacitor motor 110 V, 60 Hz, 1750 W, with pressure gauge, p ≤ 60 bar/870 psi, self-sucking, 1.5 m (5 feet) suction hose with 1/2”-connection, 1.5 m (5 feet) high-pressure hose with 1/2”-connection. In cardboard box.      Art.-No. 115100
Fine scale pressure gauge p ≤16 bar, 230 psi      Art.-No. 115045