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REMS Curvo wrinkle-free bending!
Universal for many pipes and tubes, compact, with integral absorbtion of torque during bending (US-Patent 5,056,347), super light, drive unit only 8 kg (17.6 lbs). Can be used anywhere without previous setting, fast and creep speed operation for precise bending, e.g. 90 degree bends, diam. 7/8 in only 6 s., angle scale 0 to 180 degree, rapid change of bending and back formers, only one type of bending and back formers for REMS Curvo, REMS Curvo 50 and REMS Akku-Curvo, maintenance-free gear with safety slipping clutch, universal motor 110 V, 5060 Hz, 1000 W (1.36 HP), bender recovered after a small number of bends through savings on fittings.
REMS Curvo Set. Electric pipe bender diam. 10–40 mm, 3/8–13/8”, up to 180 degree. Hard, half-hard and soft tubes, also thin-walled, diam. 10–35 mm, 3/8–13/8”, coated soft copper tubes, also thin-walled, diam. 10–18 mm, stainless steel tubes of pressfitting systems diam. 12–28 mm, 3/8–11/8”, coated steel tubes of pressfitting system mapress C-STAHL diam. 12–28 mm, soft precision steel tubes diam. 10–30 mm, steel pipes 1/4–3/4”, conduit DIN EN 50086 diam. 16–32 mm, composite tubes diam. 14–40 mm, and others. Drive unit, insert bolt. Bending formers and back formers. In sturdy steel case. Set 3/8- 1/2- 5/8- 3/4- 7/8Art.-No. 580024

Basic-Pack (without bending and back formers) Art.-No. 580010


REMS Curvo Operator's Manual

REMS Curvo Parts List

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