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REMS Eskimo Set (click image to enlarge)
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REMS Eskimo freezing instead of draining!

Super fast up to 2, refrigerant carbon dioxide with high refrigerating capacity to 79 degree C (110 F), direct flow of the refrigerant onto the pipe ensure extremely short freezing times, e.g. 3/4 steel pipe in only 5 min, no adjustment. The correct amount of refrigerant is automatically supplied, very small, highly flexible, indestructible freeze collars rapid assembly, for operating even in tight spots and nitches, flexible, bukkling-resistant and fractureproof high pressure hoses, clamping screws cannot get lost, unbreakable brass injector, for use with CO2 dip tube cylinder, without draining water lines, sprinkler or hot water systems
REMS Eskimo Set. Pipe freezer for steel, copper, plastic pipes, multi-layer composite tubes  diam. 1/8–2”, 10–60 mm. 10 pairs of freeze collars for the complete work range, bottle connector with T-distributor, closing nut, 2 handle pieces with injector, 2 high-pressure hoses. In sturdy case.

REMS Eskimo Operator's Manual

REMS Eskimo Parts List