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Hot Dog 2

REMS Hot Dog 2 Set (click image to enlarge)
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REMS Hot Dog 2 The smallest and most powerful soldering pliers!


Only weighs 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs), super fast soldering without flame, e.g. diam. 5/8 in only 15 s, enormous heating capacity up to 8000 C (14700 F), for permanent use, no transformer required, directly connect to a socket, 110 V, 5060 Hz, 440 W (0.6 HP).

REMS Hot Dog 2. Electric soldering pliers for soft soldering of copper tubes diam. 10–28 mm, 3/8–1-1/8”. Heating capacity 8000 C (14700 F). Soldering pliers, 250 g REMS Lot Cu 3 and REMS Paste Cu 3, cleaning brush. In sturdy steel case with fire retarding insert.

REMS Hot Dog 2 Operator's Manual

REMS Hot Dog 2 Parts List