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REMS Twist Set (click image to enlarge)
REMS Twist (click image to enlarge)
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REMS Twist for making T-branches and sockets yourself!

Only one universal drive unit, only 2 kg (4.4 lbs), maintenance-free gear, proven universal motor 110 V, 5060 Hz, 620 W (0.84 HP), high torque at low speed, left and right-hand rotation, drive unit with hexagon mount.
REMS Twist Electric tube expander
Without annealing, standard socket in just a few seconds, extra long, for each tube size with rotating mandrel for easy expanding and smooth operation, no setting integrated clamping device provides safe support against torque in both directions.
REMS Twist Set. Electric tube expander for cold-expanding of hard and soft copper tubes, diam. 12–22 mm, 3/8–7/8”, s ≤ 1 mm (0.039”), for tube installations without fittings. Drive unit, drive holder, lubricant, expander tools. In sturdy steel case.
Set 3/8-1/2-5/8-3/4-7/8