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Power-Ex-Press Q&E

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REMS Power-Ex-Press Q&E

Compact, handy electric tool for fast, easy expanding of tubes/coil of the Uponor ProPEX®  system.  Automatic, gradual expansion until reaching the given end position which is determined by the expander head Use of original Uponor ProPEX® expander heads, Ø ½ – 2”.  Expanding device for holding the original Uponor ProPEX® 2” expanding heads.  Expanding device for holding the original Uponor ProPEX® ½ – 1½”, expanding heads as an accessory.  Compact, robust, job site-proven.   Small in size, slender design, drive unit only 5.3 kg.


REMS Power-Ex-Press Q&E Basic-Pack. Electro-hydraulic pipe expander for expanding tubes/coils of the Uponor ProPEX®  system Ø ½ – 2”, s ≤ 5,8 mm. Electro-hydraulic drive with automatic retraction, with proven universal motor 110 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 450 W, robust planetary gear, eccentric reciprocating pump and compact high power hydraulic system. Safety tip switch. Expanding device 2”. Without expander heads.  

In cardboard box.      Art.-No. 575017



Adapter ½ – 1½”

for fitting the original expanding heads Uponor ProPEX  ½ – 1½”      Art.-No. 575100


Steel case with insert      Art.-No. 570280