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Mini Cobra A

REMS Mini Cobra A (click image to enlarge)
REMS Mini Cobra A Action (click image to enlarge)
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REMS Mini-Cobra A – quick removal of blockages!

Combined thrust and grip handle for controlling the automatic feed-forward and reverse and for safe holding, easy insertion of cable directly through strainers in sinks and drains, drain cleaning cables with weather-proof and temperature resistant plastic core, robust, maintenance-free gear with safety slipping clutch, universal motor, 620 W (0.84 HP), high-torque forward and reverse at low speed.
REMS Mini-Cobra A. Electric drain cleaning machine with automatic feed-forward and reverse, for pipes diam. 20–50 (75) mm (diam. 1–3”), for drain cleaning cables diam. 8 and 10 mm. Complete with drive unit 110 W, 620 W (0.84 HP), 0–550 1/min, pipe and drain cleaning cable with core 8 x 7.5 m. In cardboard box.       Art.-No. 170020
Drain cleaning cable with core 8 x 7.5 m             Art.-No. 170201
Drain cleaning cable 10x10 m                              Art.-No. 170205